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Agility For Newcomers by Joanne Livemore 

Welcome to Agility for Newcomers, I hope you enjoy it and it sets you and your dog on the right paw with your agility venture. Whether its for fun or you'd like to compete, safety is paramount.

With agility becoming more and more popular, lots of shops are now starting to sell equipment cheaply with no instructions on how to set up and train your dog. So this is where this book comes in. I will tell you how to set your equipment up, with the correct spacing between each obstacle, how high your dog should be jumping, how to train your dog to use the contact equipment (dog walk, see-saw, A-Frame) discuss the different methods of training weaves and show you how to use channel weaves and much, much more.

E-Book £6.99

Paperback £9.99

Dog Training For Newcomers by Joanne Livemore

A step by step guide of how to train your puppy/dog by teaching them the life skills needed for them to succeed in life and to make it a happy home for everyone. 

This book will show you how to teach basic commands, like sit, down, stand, stay/wait a reliable recall and how to walk nicely on a lead. We have also included how to teach a 'leave it' and have made some suggestion of simple and easy mental stimulation games you can do with them

E-Book £5.99

Paperback £8.99