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Joanne Livemore - Head Trainer

Our Main trainer Joanne Livemore is a fully qualified, experienced and insured dog trainer who specialises in Agility training. Previously a member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild for force free trainers) and holds a valid canine first aid certificate.  

Has attended :-

  • IMDT 2 day Dog Trainers Course,
  •  Nando Browns 'Grumpy Dog' seminar, 
  • IMDT 'Canine Body Language' Course, 
  • Ian Dunbars 'Common-Sense & Cutting-edge Concepts in Behaviour and Training' ,
  •  Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor 'Something for Everyone' 
  • Trevor Coopers 'Dog Law Seminar'
  • IMDT ‘Loose Leader’ 
  • IMDT ‘Happy Recallers’
  • K9 Scent and Search UK - 1 day Introductory Workshop
  • K9 Scent and Search UK - 1 day 'Next Phase Nosework'


She has also completed DR Ian Dunbar'

  • SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy (All 4 days),
  • Growl Class Workshop, 
  • How to Train a Puppy, 
  • Science-Based Dog Training (All 3 Days), 
  • Crucial Concepts in Dog Behaviour & Training and Reliability
  • Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop 
  • Victoria Stilwell  -'Inside a Dogs Mind'
  • The Canine School of Science  - '30 days of Canine Science'
  • IMDT - 'Canine Cognitive Dysfunction' Webinar
  • IMDT - ' Separation Anxiety and Related Disorders' Webinar
  • The Canine School of Science - 'Scent For Six' with a pass mark of 93% which makes Jo a WSDA (World Scent Dog Association)Blue Instructor and a Level 1 Judge 


Joanne started competing with her Parson Terrier, Woody in September 2011 and by May 2012 had already qualified for the UKA Beginners Steeplechase Qualifier.   In December 2012 they went to the UKA Finals where they came an overall 6th. The following year they qualified again for the UKA Finals.

They then started competing at the Kennel Club Shows starting at Grade 1 and qualified for the Agility Club Starters Cup Challenge in their first season,  where they had a clear round at the finals. 

They have run Olympia, Crufts and Discover Dogs qualifying courses, where they have gone clear but out of the qualifying places.

She progressed Woody through the grades, reaching Grade 6 and just a few wins short of Grade 7 and Champ before retiring him at the end of 2018.  Woody has also gained his Agility Bronze and Silver Warrant.

She now runs a Border Collie called Dexter who she took on as a rehome in July 2018, he is currently sitting in Grade 4

Keith Ross - Assistant Trainer

Keith and his 'Sproodle' Tux started their agility journey with 

me in September 2014.  Since then they have had numerous successes including winning the Agility Club Annual Award League at Grade 2  in 2017.

Keith and Tux have reached their goal and got their agility wins to move them into Grade 7 and Champ.  Keith is a valuable asset to Rayleigh Canine Agility  and assists with our classes on Thursday evenings.

Shelley Fuller - Puppy, Dog and Agility Trainer

Shelley has been with Rayleigh Canine since December 2020. She currently teaches the agility and dog training classes on a Monday & Thursday evening and is running the Wickford dog training on a Wednesday Evening.

Alongside her intensive In-house agility and dog training, Shelley has also completed her 2 day IMDT course, Canine first aid course,  Perfect puppy IMDT course, Canine Body language IMDT. 

Previously to joining our team Shelley has worked in the vets as student vet nurse, worked for the cats protection and has always worked with animals either horses, dogs or cats,

Lisa Fuller - Puppy & Dog Trainer

                                                       Under Construction

Maddie Ball - Puppy & Dog Trainer

Under Construction

Claire Turner - Assistant Trainer

                                                       Under Construction

Sarah Ambrose - Assistant Trainer

I’d like to welcome Sarah Ambrose to our team of trainers.

Having spent the past year sharing my knowledge and teaching Sarah I'm pleased to welcome her on board. Sarah has joined myself and Keith and will be taking some of the future beginner classes .

Sarah has also attended :-

  • IMDT ‘Loose Leader’
  • IMDT ‘Happy Recallers’
  • K9 Scent and Search UK - 1 day Introductory Workshop
  • K9 Scent and Search UK - 1 day 'Next Phase Nosework'

And completed :- 

  • The Canine School of Science '30 days of Canine Science'

'My name is Sarah Ambrose, I have rescued dogs all my life and have loved watching them all transform into wonderful pets, no matter what issues they have started with.

3 years ago I decided to start my own dog walking business as I love to see all dogs socialising and having fun.  I have always wanted to train dogs so joining Jo at Rayleigh Canine Agility is a great step for me, I hope all your wonderful dogs have as much fun doing agility as I do '