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Welcome to Rayleigh Canine Online Tutorials

We have divided them into 3 sections dog training, agility and then we have the VIP section.

The dog training covers all your basics :- sits, downs, loose lead, recall and there are lots of 

exercises to help you achieve a loose lead and a reliable recall. 

We go onto the more advanced training, like 'Leave it'  and Emergency stops.

Cost is £10.00 per month

The agility section starts right at the beginning.  We introduce the dog to the equipment safely and we show you 

how to do grid work and foundation exercises,  as well as starting to teach your dog contacts and  weaves.

We also do handling skills and  show you how to teach the dog the skill as well as the handler.

Cost is £10.00 per month

The VIP section, basically gives you access to both. You will have access to the Dog Training,  the Agility and 

additional Scent Work and the Tricks.

Cost is £15.00 per month

To Subscribe please click on the 'Monthly Subscription' bottom below. 

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Monthly Subscription

Dog Training


VIP Section